This is what our customers have to say about rollover!

We can now apply all our graphics and premask without bubbles or creases within seconds

Andrew Mc Cabe, AMC Branding, Dublin.

You cannot run a Sign Shop without a Rollover, anyone thinking of buying one should just buy one !, - it is an Incredible Piece of Kit

Ray McCarthy, Extrabrite Signs, Dublin

The Rollover is the perfect 3rd or 4th worker you can add to your workforce in any sign shop. We still love ours!
We call it ‘Darth’, it is the best thing we have ever bought and I can’t believe I didn’t invent them myself.

Deb Top End Sign Sales, Darwin NT, Australia.

The Rollover is proving to be a great addition to our business. It’s faster and cleaner. One man can do jobs now that in the past needed two, and he can do them quicker. Appo tape is breeze compared to doing it the old way. We’ve got improved productivity, faster turnaround, lower costs and happier staff. The Rollover has been a win all around for us at AWS.

Trent Albury Wodonga Signshop, Wodonga VIC, Australia.

We do lot of mounting onto long panels and the six metre is great. Since it was installed the Rollover has made us much more productive ad more confident in delivering large and small signage on time and at a consistent quality finish.

Brian Signs, Caboolture QLD, Australia

I purchased the flexi because I work by myself and always found it difficult to do larger jobs without paying someone to help me.
Now I do them on my own, deliver a better finish sign and faster. Yes - the Rollover is paying for itself.

David Stickers & Signs, Noosaville QLD, Australia.

I am only a small sign company, since it was installed the Rollover has made me much more productive and more confident in delivering large and small signage on time and at a consistent quality finish.

Andrew AMS Signs, Nambour QLD, Australia

In the 8-weeks we’ve had it the Rollover has made a great difference to our business. It’s in use all the time. The Rollover is faster, cleaner and so easy to operate that we all make use of it to get jobs done. With the Rollover we are more productive, have recused wasted media and eliminated production bottlenecks as drying time.

The Rollover is saving us money

Danny Sinclair Benga Designs, Stafford Brisbane QLD, Australia

The Rollover is a great piece of gear. Application is fast and easy and even large prints are now a one-man job. It also makes a great worktable for other tasks such as cutting and layout due to the 5mm cutting mat, backlit and large table size.''
The Rollover was such a benefit to Signasaurus that after 12 months we added a second one.

Rolly Frizzell Signasaurus, Roma QLD, Australia

The Rollover has improved our production, output and finished quality.
So simple to use, we love it.

Cameron Gympie Council Gympie, QLD, Australia

Wow, what difference it’s made!
Saving time, getting more done and getting it done easier.
Wouldn’t be without it.

Andrew Signarama, Mt Gravatt QLD, Australia

After looking at them all during the show, it took less than 15 minutes to know the Rollover
Was the one. And now it’s in, we know we made the right choice.
Wellbuilt piece of equipment.

Vision Signs, Hallam VIC, Australia

I can’t praise the performance of our Rollover Laminating table enough. It was delivered to us directly off the boat. Two people took a couple of hours to remove the packaging , attach the roller arm, connected the power and air supply and adjust the legs to level the table. It could not have been simpler. The instructions are straight forward and well detailed. It performed perfectly from the first push of the button. The only thing we’ve needed to do over the last twelve months is a minor adjustment of the roller to ensure it drops evenly onto the table. This is a simple matter of turning the adjustment screw that takes less than a minute to perform and is well detailed in the manual.
I’ve been in the signage industry for over 30 years and used most laminating tables that are currently on the market and none in my opinion outperform the Rollover. The bonus is the standard Rollover package has features that are extras on most other brands. Print and application is a huge part of our business and I’d estimate we’ve easily doubled our output in this area because of increased efficiencies the Rollover provides.

Ian Forsman , Production Co-Ordinator Rilee’s, Auckland, New Zealand

We set the machine up which took two of us all of 45 mins and was amazed at the build quality and solidness of the machine. My staff and i have been using the machine for two months now and it has save us a lot of time, we can now produce signs at least 3 times quicker than previous. The accuracy of the machine is exact and the quality is perfect every time. Ron was excellent to deal with, timing - communication and follow up support after we had installed the rollover was great. I would recommend Wilenco and the Rollover to anyone looking to buy a flatbed laminator.

Matt Porteous, Xtream Signs, Auckland, New Zealand.

Since we introduced the Rollover Laminator in our production, the efficiency has improved drastically. We are indeed pleased with our Rollover, and have not experienced problems of any kind. The level of quality on the machine itself and the various applications made has met and even exceeded our expectations. I am happy to recommend the Rollover to anyone working in the Graphic Arts Industry

Tommy Evensen, General Manager – Kursiv Skilt & Dekor AS, Norway

Our Rollover flatbed applicator has been one of the most inexpensive and revolutionary additions to our production systems. It has significantly boosted our production capacity, enabled us to put together bigger and better quality signs and helped combat undesired results from laminating through a conventional laminator. Ron & the Wilenco team have also been great to deal with, their after sales support demonstrate what should be an industry standard

Max Broadley, Broadley Signs, NSW Australia

Rollover in my hands! Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know I took delivery of my rollover table yesterday, and I am totally excited! I put the table together with no problems, and this baby works like a dream!

You guys did an awesome job in the engineering, and the manufacturing of this product!
Well worth the wait!

Thanks Again!

Richard Janecka, MSE – Owner, Sign Crafters, Texas

Now we know we did the right choice when we decided to purchase your machine. We’re very pleased with your machine and your aftersales service.
It’s very important for us to know we are working with a trustworthy company like yours.

Manuel Fernández Rubio – Dpto. Imagen Digital, Tenerife

We have just installed our Rollover 6,0m x 1,70m, and the machine is amazing! Thank you very much

João Borges, Commercial Director – Publifrades, Portugal