The Rollover Flexi

Key Features
Inward facing and protected activation switch – simplifies and safeguards the applications
Ergonomic handles enable one-hand roller operation for better efficiency and ergonomy
Rounded housings – no sharp edges
Free view to roller – no blocking tower or gantry
Unobstructed access to the roller, media and the work surface
Brackets/spindles for handling of media rolls and application tape from both table ends and roller housings
Extended gap between roller and glass bed
Self-healing cutting mat
Illuminated glass bed(LED)
Integrated air pressure gauge
Tool pockets on each housing
Separate outlet for air gun connection
Handy holders for media spindles/brackets are mounted at the short end of the table
Longside Cutter Guide – makes straight cutting of Media and Substrates much easier.
Optional Features
Height adjustable legs
Heat assisted roller 30’C – 55’C
Extended Gap between Roller and Glass bed

Key Data
Steel edge outside glassbedAdd 3 cm on each side
Max.thickness of sign substrate in cm6.5 cm
Gap between steel edge and console*7.5 cm
Work height glass bed90 cm
Power supply230v/50Hz – 120V/60Hz
* Available space for large formats placed in the side trays.

Model size in cmGlass bed working area in cmWorking area of roller in cmApprox. weight in kgIllumination, LED
140 x 286140 x 286140 x 256390127W
155 x 336155 x 336155 x 306450175W