We have developed a number of accessories to make the daily use of your Rollover even easier and more effective. Ask your local Rollover dealer or contact us for further details.

Looking for other supportive items or having ideas of your own? Get in touch and we will be happy to explore the opportunities of custom made accessories or modifications.

Additional Media Holder
  • Facilitates media handling
  • Fits both table ends as well as the roller housings
Rollover Long-Reach-Cutter
Rollover Long Reach Cutter
  • This extremely practical tool allows you to cut media across the table without having to lean or crawl. Retractable rod from 75cm to 130cm of length
  • Spare blades 10pcs/pack
Bilde 4
Keen Cut EVO3 Cutter
  • The ultimate tool for a busy production environment
  • Quick and easy to use - saves time and money
  • Reliable and built to last with a 5-year warranty
  • Lift-and-Hover* (patent pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment
  • Future-proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads
  • Guaranteed ultra high precision 0.2mm accuracy
  • Cuts PVC foamboard up to 13mm
  • Can be attached to any Rollover Model with the specially developed Support Shelves
Bilde 5
Keen Cut EVO3 Support Shelf
  • Specially developed Support Shelf allows easy mounting of the EVO3 Cutter to any Rollover Model.
Rollover Roll cradle 25cm/9,8’’ and 60cm/23,6’’
  • Designed to carry and feed from media rolls
  • Flat base for stabile placing on the table top
  • Comes in 2 lengths and in combination fits any roll size
Contact Cleaner
  • Cleans any flat surface
  • Ergonomic design of the handle including extendable shaft
  • After one cleaning operation, the roller is refreshed by running it over the sticky side of a vinyl
Vinyl Remover VR15
  • Vinyl Remover VR15 is a time saving invention that can help sign makers and others remove vinyl or peel access sticker material with ease
  • Two working widths – 143cm and 170cm
  • Easy mounting on your Rollover by using the Vinyl Remover Bracket (Optional Feature)
Media Roller VR15
  • Media roller kit for easy mounting on the back of your Vinyl Remover VR15
  • Suitable for larger jobs from rolls coming off your plotter or printer
  • Two working widths – 143cm and 170cm
Bilde 7
Vinyl Remover Support Bracket
  • Specially developed Bracket allows easy mounting of the VR15 to any Rollover Model
Core Adaptors
  • Makes it quick & easy to attach media rolls to the spindle on your Rollover
  • Fits standard inside core diameter of 75mm Comes in sets of 2 pieces
Rollover Air gun w/spiral hose
  • Blows away debris and dirt from the work surface
  • Quickly connected to the integrated air outlet
  • Comes with 6m spiral hose
Self-healing cutting mat for replacement
  • Available in any model size as well as customized
  • Non-phthalate – contains no harmful substances
  • Improves accuracy when cutting and control in operation
Rollover Silent Compressor
  • 91 tank
  • 53dB
  • Oil free
  • Max. 8 bar
  • Weight 18kg
Ionizing Air Gun
The Cleanflex Easy Air Gun neutralizes the static charges on several materials and clean the surface using ionized compressed air. Comes with 6m or 12m cable and connects to the air outlet of your Rollover as well as a separate power unit.
Spindle & Bracket Holders
  • Easy storage when not in use
  • Attached to the short end of the table
Long Side Cutter Guide
  • Makes straight cuts of media and Substrates much easier
  • Fixed to the table edge with special tape
Storage Trolley
  • Integrated storage trolley for Media rolls, panels and tools underneath the table
  • Fitted with casters to provide easy access