Best selling Flatbed Applicator

The best way of solving the daily challenges of signmakers

The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry.

Attachment points For brackets & spindles holding media and application tape. Also found at the roller housings.
Self-healing cutting mat Improves accuracy when cutting and control in operation.
Easy one-hand operation By using the ergonomically shaped and inward-facing handles, the roller can be moved easily over the tabletop both in a raised and lowered position.
Illuminated (LED) Glass Bed The work surface can be back lit to improve accuracy in operation, cutting etc.
Casters To enable easy relocation and transport of the machine. "NO levelling needed"
Large side trays For storage and handling of oversize media across the table top
Handy tool Pockets Store your tools in these conveniently placed pockets on each housing.
Rounded housings No sharp edges and protected activation switch provides superb and unobstructed access to the work surface
Optimal ergonomic work position The basis of the Rollover is an optimal ergonomic work position. Being able to comfortably operate te laminator with one hand whilst having acces to the roller, media and tabletop, results in a smooth and effective handling
Extremely durable 10mm laminated and sealed glass pane No joints corrupting the perfect crown
Spindle & Bracket Holders – easy storage when not in use.
Longside Cutter Guide – makes straight cuts of media and substrates much easier.
Made in Norway

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Rollover Classic

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Rollover Flexi

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Easy to use

Ergonomically shaped and inward facing handles with one protected activation switch. Provides unique one hand operation of the roller in any position.

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5 Year Warranty

Excellent build quality and durability of components creates the foundation of our extensive warranty.

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Versatile Work Station

Numerous Optional Features & Accessories available, making any Rollover Model into a highly efficient and ergonomical Work Station.

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Illuminated (LED) Glass Bed

Back lit glass bed makes weeding, color matching and presicion work a lot easier.

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Move and relocate the Rollover around your shop – NO levelling needed.

norway Designed and Engineered in Norway


The Rollover is the perfect 3rd or 4th worker you can add to your workforce in any sign shop. We still love ours! We call it "Darth". It is the best thing we have ever bought and I can't believe I didn't invent them myself.

Deb Top End Sign Sales, Darwin NT. Australia

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Rollover Team | 25 years of Experience

The creators of Rollover

The innovative and trendsetting Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. Learn more about Rollover and the people behind Rollover.

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